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We simulate the digital outfit with your measurements in software and custom create the physical outfit for you.

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The world says you are either beautiful or smart, why can’t you be both?

A timeless fashion brand dedicated to the integration of science, engineering, design and art, for intelligent women. Art by Physicist is a sustainable tech-fashion brand that merges the worlds of technology and fashion to create unique, eco-friendly designs. Our mission is to promote an intellectual representation of women and to support STEAM education and environmental protection through ethical and sustainable production. Our founder and designer, Dr. Kitty Yeung, is a physicist, engineer, and artist who brings her expertise in physics and hardware engineering to her designs. We operate on an on-demand production model and donate a portion of our sales to environmental protection and STEAM education non-profits. Join us in pushing the boundaries of the fashion industry and making a positive impact on the world.

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Guilin - power up with solar energy

Art on clothing: Guilin, providing solar power A boat across the Li... 

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Digital fashion

To take environmental protection even further, Art by Physicist is now making simulations of the garments available as digital collections, before any physical products are made-to-order. For digital garments,

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