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Art by Physicist is a timeless sustainable tech-fashion brand dedicated to the integration of science, engineering, design and art, featuring independent designer and physicist Dr. Kitty Yeung’s unique designs. The company was registered in California, USA in March 2018, with the brand launched in September 2019, and trademark registered in October 2020. The brand's mission is to promote an intellectual representation of women and support STEAM education and environmental protection through donations and ethical and sustainable production. 


Art by Physicist was founded as a design studio, exploring integration of the latest technologies into everyday wear. Designer KtY (Dr. Kitty Yeung, PhD in Applied Physics from Harvard University, MSci & BA in Natural Sciences from University of Cambridge) leveraged her knowledge in physics and hardware engineering and talent in the arts, handmade prototypes to prove possibilities in merging the two fields. Fashion is an art form that can communicate both. The designs explained technologies in a creative and artistic way.    

The fashion brand was launched to test the status quo of industry, both in terms of clothing manufacturing and applying available technologies into clothing design. In the early journey of KtY's endeavor, fashion was considered more as a craft and less as a technical field. It had culturally been overlooked by the larger engineering community. Not only were most of KtY's creative and technological designs too futuristic for the traditional industry to productize, the existing cutting-edge technologies were not solving some of the biggest pain points in the fashion supply chain. The established fashion production process is driven by artificial trends, false prediction of sales, overproduction, overpricing, marking down, and sending unsold goods to landfills and incinerators. Globally, the fashion industry produces 10% of global carbon footprint.    

Upon learning the sustainability issues of the transitional fashion process, Art by Physicist was determined to drive change. Art by Physicist aims to show the world that fashion, as a form of art, should be driven by need and creativity. We provide creative and eco-friendly designs, integrating science and the arts to advance manufacturing through engineering. The future of fashion is timeless and personalized. By pushing the industry to create thoughtful designs and to make tech-fashion beyond the demo stage, the engineering and artistic fields should merge and help each other. Values generated from physical goods should contribute back to the society in a meaningful way. 


Via on-demand production, items are made-to-order rather than in bulk that accumulates inventory. Art by Physicist donates 5% of its sales to environmental protection and STEAM education non-profits. There are also free tutorials linked from the product pages for any one to learn how to make tech-embedded fashion designs. 

Your support here will help revolutionize garment manufacturing, make futuristic designs a reality, enable sustainable fashion and help advocacy for education. 


About Designer KtY (Dr. Kitty Yeung)

Dr. Kitty Yeung is a physicist, engineer, designer and artist in addition to her role in fashion-tech and quantum computing at Microsoft. With over 15 years in STEAM disciplines and a lifelong passion for the arts, Dr. Yeung is constantly pushing the boundaries between art and science to discover how they connect. Having worked across the latest technologies including developing computational textiles, solar powering, 3D printing, micro-controllers, edge computing and wearables, Dr. Yeung combines her love of art with her experience in science to push the bounds of fashion.

She received her PhD in Applied Physics at Harvard University, and Masters in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge. Kitty frequently gives technical and career talks reflecting her passion and experience in quantum computing, wearables, digital transformation, fashion technology and startups. 



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