Tech-fashion FAQs

Can I wash tech-fashion?

Short answer: yes. The products are designed with washing in consideration. Follow the instructions, just like how you'd do so for cleaning other types of clothing. 

The electronic components are made either removable or concealed, or the clothes itself only requires spot washing.

Think about normal clothes you are used to. They also require different kinds of washing - machine wash, hot/cold, hand wash, spot wash, dry wash, no need to wash, etc. Tech wearables do not add more complexity if user experience is already considered in the products. Think about how you'd care for a leather jacket or wool.

Even if the electronics are waterproof, the batteries should be removed. There may be more mechanical damages by the washing machine than water damage if instructions are not followed.

See example of how wearable electronics are made removable:


Is embedded electronics sold at Art by Physicist safe?

Yes. The electronics only use or produce 3-5V. They are safer than a phone, all things considered. 
For products that are not waterproof, do not wear them directly in the rain or completely soak in sweat, to avoid shorting and damaging the circuits. 
Do the colors on digitally printed fabrics wash off or go faint?
No. The colors are robust against extensive washing and sunburn.
How do I determine which size to order?
Please compare your measurements against the size chart. For made-to-measure items, your measurements will be collected after the order and we will make the clothing to your measurements. We simulate the digital outfit with your measurements in software and custom create the physical outfit for you.
Any other questions? Feel free to contact us