3D Printing & Space

3D Printing & Space

On Feb 22, 2020, Designer KtY represented Art by Physicist at the panel for 3D Printing & Space. The event was hosted in LA by SpaceportLA, MatterHackers and Ultimaker. 

The panelists and the moderator Mara Hitner from MatterHackers presented an exciting discussion about additive manufacturing, sustainability, future workforce, aerospace industry and more.    

As a fashion brand focusing on sustainable and responsible manufacturing, we use 3D printing to achieve rapid prototyping and made to order. Our creative and artistic accessory collections are designed with engineering software, such as Autodesk Fusion 360 and SolidWorks. Prototypes and productions are made on desktop 3D printers and online services (such as Shapeways), respectively. This additive manufacturing process minimizes wastes and pollution, enabling a complete eco-friendly supply chain for our fashion accessories. 

Art by Physicist also presented and sold space-themed designs, produced with on-demand digitally printed fabrics with KtY's paintings on them. 


The converging aerospace, 3D printing, scientific, technical and artistic audience also appreciated a sneak peek of the upcoming 2020 designs, including 3D printing on fabrics

Photo credits to MatterHackers staff photographer, Abbey, and Matthew Keranen of Heavy Ordnance Studio.

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