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Happy New Year! 
2021 wasn't easy, but with your support and company, and backing our Kickstarter campaign, Art by Physicist was able to donate 5% of sales to STEAM and environmental protection non-profits and move onto the next stage of development. We are offering almost 300 SKUs on the website, with 80% of them made-to-order through rapid prototyping and production. We are in the process of 3D simulating all of our existing and future designs and customizing to personal fit, thanks to Browzwear's Indie Designer Program. See a recent Browzwear interview, in which designer KtY discussed the fashion industry digital revolution. Imagine all the fashion brands reduce waste and pollution by bridging the digital designs with physical manufacturing. 
Another highlight in 2021 was the well-received Flowers Bluetooth brooches we produced with DFRobot, now our friend Adafruit is also distributing. On Dec 23, a group of amazing makers celebrated the holidays via a fun LIVE hack of the Flowers Bluetooth brooches. We've written up the project on for you to use as a tutorial. We had many great ideas for the Flowers applications, ranging from tracking a child for parents to reminders for mental and physical health and detecting accidents for elderly people. What will you make?
As you may have seen in past updates, the solar-powered dress with ARMOR ASCA made several appearances in technology and renewable energy media, including the cover of OPE Journal. Our greatest gratitude to news media that focus on technical and intellectual content.
Our new YouTube channel will be sharing more exciting design processes with technologies. We want to express our thanks to all our backers, customers, collaborators in the past year, Adafruit, ARMOR ASCA, Browzwear, DFRobot, Loomia Technologies, NovaCentrix, Shorey Designs and all my maker friends. We would not have been this unconventional without you! 
This new year will be the beginning of a new era in fashion and a defining shift of our society. A brand conveys a message. Let's fight for zero COVID, zero waste and pollution in 2022! We hope you and family stay healthy and safe.


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