Starry Night 2.0

Starry Night 2.0

You may have seen the processes designer KtY posted about how to embed electronics in garments (tutorial here). The prototyping stage is manual and we've been exploring e-textile scalable and repeatable solutions.

It is our greatest excitement to share our collaboration with NovaCentrix on bringing printed electronics into fashion ready-to-wear, through our newly released Starry Night shirt and its matching mask.

We use electronics in fashion where it makes sense. A major theme in our design has been astronomy-inspired clothing. For this Starry Night series, we've been seeking appropriate LED components to light up the constellations. Our earlier (and the best selling) Starry Night dress is an example of using fairy light strings to decorate the hem of the skirt. However, the decoration is only on the hem as the LED configuration is only linear. To create something sophisticated like these constellations in the new release, we needed flexible circuits, both in terms of customizable components and material texture. NovaCentrix's printed fabric electronics provide the exact solution. 

The process is repeatable and scalable. We are now able to place LEDs in two dimensions and create customized constellations for our customers. The circuit is directly printed on fabrics, gently integrated with the clothing. Order yours today. 


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