We've got you covered!

We've got you covered!

The holiday (gift) season is here! Shop the handmade collections. Buy an outfit, get matching mask covers for FREE, while supplies last. Add any of the below outfits and its matching mask cover in the cart, the cost of the mask cover will be automatically deducted. Orders above $120 will be shipped via free 3-day shipping. Keep in mind, don't count on last minute shipping, in case of delays by carriers. 

The Nature Collection

Lotus: Mask Cover (with tassels), Overcoat, Shawl,  Collar

When you see the world above water, can you imagine the beautiful lives underneath? Painting on fabric - Lotus【荷•不染】Live in the silt but not imbrued. 

Spring: Hair Band, Skirt (high-low), Collar, Blouse, Mask Cover

Everyday is Spring with a poetic skirt. Painting on fabric inspired by the Yulan magnolia trees in Harvard Yard.    

Guilin: Scarf, Dress (with bow), Tassel Earrings

Guilin - one of the most beautiful places on the planet. A boat across the Li river through the mountains brings you into a painting. 


The Science Collection

Starry Night: Mask Cover (optional constellation LEDs), Shirt 2.0 (with constellation LEDs), Shirt 1.0 (without LEDs), Dress (with LEDs)

Time and our locations on Earth determine the constellations we observe. Constellations are stars in our line of sight projected onto a 2D plane. Grouping these projections into patterns that resemble familiar or mythological objects helped our ancestors recognize their positions on Earth or figure out the time of the year. 

The constellations on the fabric are hand-painted based on scientific star maps and digitally printed through eco-friendly processes. Included are 12 star signs as well as other well-known constellations such as Orion, Big Dipper, Cassiopeia, Cygnus, etc. How many can you recognize?

Free mask covers are for currently in-stock constellations with LEDs: Leo, Aries, Cancer, Pisces, Aquarius and Scorpius, and the plain mask without LEDs (random constellations). Other constellations are on pre-order, which costs $45 each. Order now and get them shipped in January. 

Earth: Mask Cover, Dress (WiFi programmable), Tank

This playful design with painting of the Earth is perfect to show your inner scientist. This world is full of beautiful things, because of you.   

The Earth dress is a high-tech ready-to-wear. You can upload images, videos, and gifs to your dress from your phone for endless possibilities. The presets in the photos and video are hand-drawn astronomical animation by Designer KtY, uniquely designed for the garment. You can draw and upload your own on the go and impress your friends instantaneously. 


New pre-order sale in Nature! 

Flowers: Top, Shorts (3D printed flowers), Bluetooth Brooches, DIY Fabric PatternsMask Cover (3D printed flowers)

A blue-haired girl, standing in a flower field. The scene brings you back to childhood. Painting on fabric. Order by Dec. 31, 2020 before prices increase in Jan. 2021. 

Kitty's Flower is a pair of Bluetooth wearable brooches. Jointly created by Art by Physicist and DFRobot, they are specially designed for wearable application scenarios, integrated power management system, RGB LED lights, accelerometer, sensors, vibration, and touch. Support Arduino and Scratch programming, and can be used as the core intelligent control unit for wearable products, interactive art installations, and new accessories. Two are matched as a pair, and various effects can be programmed by users. Whether it is between parents and their children, between siblings, between friends or between lovers, you can add programs through the serial port to the brooches for other fun interactions with your loved ones.

Have safe, healthy and happy Holidays!

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