Best wishes in the next half of 2020

Best wishes in the next half of 2020

Dear friends,

2020 has been crazy for everyone. We hope you are safe and healthy wherever you are on the planet.

In the past few months, our manufacturer mobilized to PPE making. We are pround of that and took the time to design and incubate. As a sustainable STEAM fashion brand, we are always innovating on the ways we do design and manufacturing and bridge the digital with physical. We collaborated with ShoreyDesigns to bring up the digital simulations of our collections. Simulating clothing is simulating physics. Our Starry Night shirt now has a digital twin. It's a key step towards zero-waste and zero pollution. 

We also designed this Schrödinger's cat cuff earring, which is 3D printed on demand with three choices of materials - nylon, silver and gold. 

In the effort of combating COVID and supporting the open-source community, we created a distance-sensing face mask that is 3D printed based on the 3D scan of faces, using conductive fabrics to shield against viruses. As all the other DIY designs in the Future Collection, the instructions on how to make this mask is shared on open-source platforms. The 3D model of the mask can be downloaded for free. We are also open for customers to submit their face models for custom made masks.  

We want to thank our customers who continue to support us especially in this difficult time. This month, we launch a few new designs that were planned to be available earlier in the year but were inevitably delayed. We have some very limited quantities of new arrivals in both Nature and Science collections. As a thank-you for your support, use code BESTWISHES for any ready-to-wear clothing items in August for 10% off. 


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