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Tech is free, if you are willing to learn.


KtY has been creating designs that embed the latest technologies, such as machine learning, brain-signal sensing, cloud computing, solar powering, 3D printing, Bluetooth communications, color changing, microcontrollers, etc. These are hand-made prototypes and not products because the garment manufacturing is not yet at the stage to produce tech-fashion at scale. There hasn't been enough integration between the tech and fashion industries.

To solve this problem, KtY has made instructions on how to construct these garments to benefit the maker, open-source and education communities. DIY here. Hopefully, traditional industries will learn from these communities and start supporting creative designers. Reach out to KtY if you are a manufacturer who wants to help out. 

Watch out below for more updates on DIY tech-fashion designs. 

Art by Physicist as a fashion brand is a beginning. Learn about the big picture here