Mars and Equality

Mars and Equality

Why do we want to move to Mars? Is it a pursuit or escape?

Is it because our environment is damaged and Earth is no longer habitable? 

These are the questions I asked during the design of Made of Mars dress (with Made of Mars). The special golden material on the dress is basalt - a volcanic rock commonly found on the surface of Mars and in volcanic areas on Earth. It can be melt down and pulled into fibers then weaved into fabrics. If we one day migrate to Mars, we need to learn how to use this material to make all kinds of things on Earth. Then we know what to do with this raw material on Mars. But I could not help pondering about the deeper reason behind Mars migration.

Model: Leneve Mellow at New York Tech Fashion Week

To warn people about our current environmental problems, such as global warming and air pollution, I added an optical dust sensor to detect air quality, and a temperature sensor. When the air quality and temperature reach abnormal values, the LEDs and sound buzzer on the dress will send out warning signals. This is just a concept. However, we can imagine if every piece of clothing had these functions, everyone could collect data and combine it to analyse large areas. The creative process and DIY instructions can be found in the Future collection. This piece of work was featured by many in the press, including Printed Electronics World, CGTN, and YiT.     

Now about a year after its creation, I have some additional thoughts. If and when we move into space, would all the troubles on Earth really be resolved? Rocket launches gave people, who are in peaceful regimes, some hope to look forward to. But people in places suffering from upheavals and instabilities are still suffering. They are outraged by their environment and culture. Whether it's a pursuit or escape, the reality is that the right to go into space is in the hands of a minority. This minority would still bring the same human struggles into space. Wherever there are people, there are interests and conflicts. Let alone going to space, the majority's depression and unhappiness are already reflected by the anger and jealousy online. 

For humanity to defeat negativity, it only happens when the minority starts to fight for hope and happiness for the majority. Then they can become the majority. In hindsight, this has been the case. Looking forward, there are still some hurdles. 

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